Collective Intelligence
An excerpt from The Imperfectionists on problem-solving in uncertainty

The book is based on 50 case studies, half of which come from nonprofits and the impact investment space. We hope you’ll enjoy the excerpt below, which features Collective Intelligence, a strategic mindset for uncertain times.

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In Uncertain Times, Embrace Imperfection

Change is accelerating, with uncertainty and threat of disruption in every industry segment. The pace of change and rise of global winner-take-all competition means that conventional product-market-structure approaches to strategy, as well as core competencies thinking, are difficult to implement in practice and may yield misleading answers. Under today’s conditions, the authors argue that real-time problem solving should be the heart of strategy development rather than theoretical frameworks, and they present a framework for this approach.

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Six problem-solving mindsets for very uncertain times

Even the most inscrutable problems have solutions – or better outcomes that have been reached so far. Here’s how the best problem solvers crack the code.

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Co-authors Charles Conn and Robert McLean have completed a series of content pieces for YouTube where both authors discuss their professional experiences, the importance of problem solving, the 7-step Bulletproof Problem Solving process and leading example cases from the book. Follow us on YouTube for more problem solving discussion with the authors.

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Sharing ideas on innovation, change, disruption, transformation and the future. Episode 221 has co-author Charles Conn discussing the 7-step systematic approach to how you can become a highly sought-after bulletproof problem solver.

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Starting with these 5 questions can help you and your team navigate your way through the complexity of planning and decision making that is before us all.

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WANT BETTER STRATEGIES? Become a Bulletproof Problem Solver

This episode of Inside the Strategy Room features a discussion between co-author Rob McLean and Chris Bradley, a McKinsey senior partner. The discussion is on how a disciplined and comprehensive approach to problem solving can be applied to almost any kind of problem.

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